Talking About What Matters

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Talking About What Matters℠ is a leadership and team development program focused on creating environments where people speak up more candidly and purposefully to achieve their goals.

Talking About What Matters℠ provides simple, high-impact, sustainable practices to create safe and collaborative environments. Leaders achieve high payoffs toward the organization’s goals, including:


  • Stronger financial performance
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved leadership effectiveness
  • Increased talent retention
  • More engaged and committed teams
  • Improved project management and delivery.

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Talking About What Matters℠ trains leaders and teams to create an open and engaged environment where everyone shares valuable ideas, provides input, raises critical questions, expresses concerns, and proposes solutions, and more…

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The Discussables Group can make your meeting or event relevant, memorable and exciting. We offer speaking opportunities to enrich your meetings and support your goals—at no charge. Team meetings, boards, project meetings, and more…

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What does Talking About What Matters℠ include? Get the tools you need to assess your team’s current “State of Candor” and to measure improvement.