How Does Mediation Work


Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

Mediation offers a collaborative solution for those seeking a dignified, proven way forward through conflict. Reconcile and resolve disputes without going to court.  Mediation often proves more economical, more agreeable, and more likely to result in mutually satisfactory outcomes. More than an alternative to courts, mediation and conflict resolution focus on fairness, reconciliation, and healing to parties of all kinds—among business associates, extended families, couples, staffs, and faculties—who are experiencing disputes, injury, or even loss. The Discussables Group is a consulting practice dedicated to helping people talk about difficult matters, address conflict, reach agreements, and improve relationships to move on with their lives. Tom Green has formal training in mediation and is certified by the International Academy of Dispute Resolution.


Advantages of Mediation and Conflict Resolution

  • Achieve collaborative resolutions to conflicts and disputes rather than adversarial, alienating, and fragmenting solutions
  • Recognize the dignity and rights and desire for justice and understanding of each party of a conflict
  • Reconcile with ourselves and with others
  • Reduce negative, destructive, alienating harm and suffering from unresolved conflict and disputes
  • Establish positive, constructive, and humanizing ways to make peace through Gospel teachings and values
  • Emphasize a new future of living and working together, honoring personal differences—moving on with life
  • Free the heart, mind and spirit of the participants to heal from the wounds created during conflict


We mediate disputes and conflicts involving

  • Family—including among parents, children, siblings
  • Organizations—including among leaders, teams, pastors, clergy, staff, boards, councils, faculty, and congregations
  • Employment
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage
  • Breach of contract
  • Divorce


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Tom Green

Tom Green

President, The Discussables Group

Tom formed The Discussables Group to help leaders and their organizations make it safe to speak up, and to help everyone talk openly—to learn what’s really going on—to better achieve their goals. Tom is passionate about addressing organizational silence and creating more open environments where everyone can discuss what matters.

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Scarlett Lunning, LMSW

Scarlett Lunning, LMSW

Trainer/Mediator/Counselor, Iowa Mediation Service

Communication and Relationship Coach Scarlett Lunning with Iowa Mediation Service brings over 25 years of experience assisting people in communicating in the face of differences and conflict to develop healthy relationships with themselves, within families, within businesses, and cross culturally.

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