Tom Green
President, The Discussables Group

During my 20 plus years of training, coaching, and studying leaders, I watched very effective leaders struggle painfully to hear and discuss difficult matters. I’ve seen organizations pay a deep price for ignoring the elephants in the room. Even high-performing organizations have “undiscussables”—conversations not held—about poor job performance, struggling leaders, missed project results, teams not working together, problems and mistakes not disclosed, and talented but dissatisfied employees planning to leave.

In response to so much expensive silence, I formed The Discussables Group to help leaders and their organizations make it safe to speak up, and to help everyone talk openly—to learn what’s really going on—to better achieve their goals.

Passionate about addressing organizational silence and creating more open environments where everyone can discuss what matters, The Discussables Group partners with businesses and not-for-profits to produce stronger performance, increase leadership effectiveness and improve financial and operational results through candid, safe, and open discussion about what really matters.

I’ve been privileged to work as a consultant with extensive experience in leadership development, team development, and performance improvement with Bank of America, ING, Principal Financial Group, and DuPont Pioneer. My experience includes providing leadership coaching and strategic development consulting to senior business leaders, including those in sales and marketing, IT, finance, call centers, customer service, supply chain, compliance, and product development.

I am a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and Association for Talent Development (ATD), and I hold a Master’s degree in English from Drake University.