Talking About What Matters

What is Talking About What Matters?

Talking About What Matters℠ is a workshop for leaders to create organizations where people speak up more candidly, fully, and purposefully to achieve their goals.

Not a typical workshop about feedback, the program provides simple, high-impact, sustainable practices that create safe and collaborative environments.

Leaders emerge from the workshop with skills and tools to enable everyone to:

  • bring up better ideas
  • challenge the status quo
  • raise critical questions
  • resolve problems
  • break through organizational silence
  • talk about your “Undiscussables”

Who should participate?

Senior leaders
Senior leadership teams
Managers at all levels
Intact Teams

Request a simple, confidential assessment of your team’s state of candor—at no charge.

We’ll explore your next steps to help your leaders, teams, and entire organization genuinely start talking about what matters.

The results are transforming!