Mont Blanc produces a regular line of writing instruments that for the most part doesn’t change each season. They do however produce a series of four limited editions each season and they are their Patron of the Arts Edition, their Writers Edition, their Special Theme Editions and their Donation edition Pens.

What this means is that if you’re interested in having a look at the “very latest Mont Blanc Pen range” the pens to check out would be these limited editions. Now this doesn’t mean that their standard line doesn’t see new editions from time to time because it does. However; you can count on far more change in their limited editions.

2001 Patron of the Arts Pen

The 2010 edition of the Patron of the Arts Edition is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth 11, who ruled over the English empire from the 17th of November 1558 until her death on March 24 1603. It is she who is most credited for building up the English empire into a dominant world power and thus laid the foundations for what is refered to as its age of culture.

This edition actually consists of two separate fountain pens. One is listed as consisting of a total of 4810 units while the other which is described as a “finer pen” is held back to only 888 units. Now be aware that all Mont Blanc limited edition pens have a track record of selling out quickly, so consider yourself lucky if you can get your hands on one from the 888 edition.

2009 Writers Edition Pen

Each new season Mont Blanc comes out with a new pen design dedicated to a famous author. The actual design and materials used are chosen to represent various aspect of the person, their work and the era that each one lived in. The 1009 Writers Edition pen is dedicated to and crafted to represent the life and times of Thomas Mann. You might want to note that the mechanical pencil in this release is only available in a set.

He was a German novelist who was born on June 6th 1875 and who passed away on August 12th 1955. So much of the main body of his work was created in the art deco era of the early 1900s and the materials and design features of this set of 3 separate units reflects that fact well. The range consists of 12,000 fountain pens, 15,000 ball point, 6,000 rollerballs and 3,000 three unit sets that consist of a fountain pen, a ball point pen and mechanical pencil.

2009 Special Theme Edition

The most recent limited edition pen in this line was released in 2009 and it’s their Mahatma Gandhi pen. It was confined to 3,000 units and is only available as fountain pen and rollerball pen. Just as with their Writers Edition pens, the design and materials used in crafting each new release pays tribute to the person that it is dedicated to and one of the most notable features of this pen is the image of Gandhi engraved in the nub.

2007 Donation Edition

The most recent release in this series was back in 2007 and it is dedicated to Arturo Tuscanini. A world famous classical musician who died in New York at the age of 90. He was known as a musical revolutionary for his time and his work is recognized as having paved the way for today’s new generation of experimental classical musicians. It’s well worth noting that a sizable portion of the proceeds from the sale of this edition is donated and used to assist today’s new crop of struggling gifted young classical music students.

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